March 15, 2017 - New Owner Announcement

Dear Members,

I'm not really good with goodbyes so I'm not going to say those words as I continue to write this.

As some of you know Sarah and I have decided to follow our next life adventure and move our family to South Carolina. Our dream was to always be down there with college friends and family, and as the boys are growing older there is no better time than now.

With our move we also have to move on from owning and operating AFC but our goal was to make sure the community and Cycling Family sticks together. We offered to sell the studio to Heather and she gladly and very excitingly jumped at the offer.

The sale is official and Heather is the new owner of AFC. I can't say enough great things about Heather and her team she has put together so far, AFC is in great hands and the future is brighter than it's ever been.

AFC is built on more than just myself, Enrique or Sarah. It's built on its members and how it's help changed your lives, as we all continue to grow and accomplish goals so will AFC.  If you only came to a single class, or have ridden your 300th, every one of you have grown this family. You all make AFC special so please don't loose that drive, tackle that next goal and ride together.

Lastly, I'm not saying goodbye because I will be involved from an advisor roll and will be back at least every six months and will teach some classes!!!!

My last class for now is Sunday the 26th, come ride with Enrique.

With all my heart, leg power and love, I will miss everyone.